You’ve got the brains, the technical know-how and the best of intentions, but are you and your team finding that’s no longer enough to distinguish yourself in today’s innovation and knowledge industries?  When it comes to competing – even participating – in our current global marketplace for ideas, the reality is that excellent discipline-specific skills and abilities have become the price of admission.

To survive, thrive and stand out, you need to embrace the fact that your work ultimately takes place in a commercial world. A world that is all about return on investment – of time, effort and resources. A world that has its own language, customs and rules and which can, at first glance at least, seem completely foreign and impenetrable. After years of focus and study, the commercial world can seem like another planet – remote, avoidable and best left to others who are interested in dealing with it. But, like any foreign country, the commercial world has much to offer a traveller, whether their career goal is running their own company, their own laboratory or their own research agenda.

What you need is a way in – a guide who can help you order your morning coffee, find the station and not get arrested. Someone who knows you’re not looking for fluency – at least not yet – but practical skills and knowledge you can use to visit this new world on your terms, your way, and at your pace.


YCF logoYour Commercial Foundations provides innovators with an immersion course in the language and culture of the commercial world.  We take an approach to commerce and uptake skills that embraces industry productivity and public good as outcomes, as well as sales and licences.  Moreover, we’ve founded our series of modules on the unique and particular needs of our specialty audience of innovators and creators, both in developing our content and in recognising its role is to support and not substitute for your commitment to your knowledge industry home.

That, like us, you know you don’t need to emigrate to get the benefits of a new horizon.  Take yourself from tourist to traveller – immerse yourself in Conversational Commerce.


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