Money Matters

For innovators more than almost any other part of our society, money matters extend far beyond immediate operating concerns and lining one’s pockets. However more often than not, most innovators see the relevance of money to their work solely in a single dimension – how much they have (or more likely haven’t) got.

Which is a shame. Not just because the relationship between innovation and money is far more rich, but because understanding and embracing this is generally the secret to getting more of both.

As well as building understanding of key terms and concepts, including budgets, risk and return on all forms of investment, the module will introduce new perspectives and something of a reality check of the context in which we innovate and create.

For more detailed information, see the Money Matters brochure.

In 2015-16, this module will only be offered through Corporate Employers or Group Bookings.

For more information, please contact us.

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