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Funding Fundamentals

The Australian innovation sector has never been more competitive. More players are seeking more funding from fewer sources, sources that have ever-increasing expectations.

Whether in the world of commerce or innovation, the principle holds true: whether an employer, an investor or or public funding body, those with resources – facilities, funds, access, equipment or infrastructure – if you meet their needs. Whether the purpose is altruistic, driven by the profit motive or some combination of the two, effectively it all comes down to a single, simple question: why should they apply those resources the way you want them to rather than some other way?

This module draws on elements of the four core Conversational Commerce skill modules – persuasion, money, writing and profile – in the context of seeking funding. It takes an integrated approach that blends meeting needs with managing risk in pursuit of a shared vision.  Importantly, it places that approach in an on-going frame which broadens and deepens the available funding pool while simultaneously serving collaborative and uptake objectives.

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