Commercialisation and Uptake

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Conversational Commercialisation

Since the beginning of the noughties, the foremost issue in innovative industries has been uptake – establishing it, measuring it, commodifying it and competing with it. Much of this effort has been focused on developing skills in just one form of uptake – commercialisation – but that term can have very different meanings involving very different motivations, techniques and outcomes.

The truth is that innovation is more than just having an idea – it’s about ensuring that idea has the full scope and scale of impact it warrants. In the same way, commercialisation is more than creating a product for market, and equating uptake primarily with the principal of narrow commercialisation – despite its trackable statistics and promise of riches in return – is robbing innovators, industries and ideas of the full impact of the best we have to offer.

This module draws on elements of the four Conversational Commerce skill modules – persuasion, money, writing and profile – within the context of modern uptake and commercialisation.  It will provide a frame for comprehension of the options for and process of uptake and commercialisation, and engender an appreciation of the importance of uptake and, in particular, to integrating it as a factor for consideration throughout the innovation process.

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