Intellectual Property

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Conversational Intellectual Property

Intellectual property (IP) rights are the currency of the ideas economy. They are the vehicle by which value is created, exchanged and realised, but a large proportion of those at the forefront of their production have a limited or inaccurate understanding of what IP rights actually are. Which makes it difficult for those innovators to manage them, let alone maximise their impact and its benefits.

A working knowledge of intellectual property rights will enable innovators to work efficiently and effectively with IP specialists to ensure the true value of the innovators work can not only be valued but demonstrated to funders, investors, collaborative partners and employers. In addition, it is perhaps the most important risk management strategy any innovator can implement to safeguard their own true worth.

This module draws on elements of the four Conversational Commerce skill modules – persuasion, money, writing, and profile – within the context of the creation, protection and management of intellectual property rights. It provides a framework for understanding intellectual property rights from the participant’s perspective, and overviews the primary ways in which those rights can be exercised.  It will also equip participants with tools to enhance their ability to work with others to the benefit of those rights and their value.

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