2015-2016 Pricing and Packages


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The YCF logo is founded on a series of three steps, each offering a choice: taking a step is rewarded by a better view, a wider perspective, a greater impact. This model is at the core of YCF and Conversational Commerce – it is mirrored in our Conversational Canons, shapes our learning methodologies and, naturally enough, is embedded in our payment options.

YCF offers three tiers of payment options to both Individual Participants and Corporate Employers. Each tier balances a level of commitment with a level of reward, and is designed to encourage not just acquisition of the full suite of Conversational Commerce skills and abilities, but mastery through progressive development and refinement.

The three tiers are:


The Solo tier is for the independent traveller, who wants to book and pay for their Conversational Commerce modules step by step in the order and over the time period of their choosing.


Investing in a Trio enables you to participate in any three modules of your choice over a 24 month period, but rewards this commitment to development with a saving of 21% on the Solo pricing.



The Suite is for the five star traveller who expects a complete experience, and the best return possible on their investment of time and money: participation in the full series of nine modules at the time and location of your choosing over a 40 month period. Those in the Suite tier are also given preference when booking in to any module and save 27% of the Solo pricing.


Individual holders of Trio and Suite packages are given a code to enter into Eventbrite’s booking software as part of registration.  This gives them independence and autonomy to book modules when and where is convenient for them, effectively receiving a 100% discount on the purchase price once their code is verified.

Trio packages purchased in 2015-2016 will automatically include the two new modules – Principles of Negotiation and Conversational Policy – in the range of available modules when they are introduced in 2016-2017.

Suite packages purchased in 2015-2016 will automatically include the two new modules – Principles of Negotiation and Conversational Policy – when they are introduced in 2016-2017 for no additional cost.

For more information on Trio and Suite packages please contact Your Commercial Foundations directly.

Note: Corporate prices are for a single group of between 8 and 12 attendees participating in each module. While it is recommended each member of the group participate in each module, this is at the Corporate Employer’s discretion.

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