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Conversational Collaboration

Be it because of the multifaceted nature of the challenge, a desire to increase efficiency and manage costs, the potential to increase creativity and agility, or the scope for career development, collaborations are by far the preferred vehicle of funders, employers and policy makers alike. But, as with any effort that brings multiple talented, intelligent and motivated individuals together, a collaborative vehicle poses its own challenges.

The YCF model of collaboration is concept-centric and iterative – it puts the concept and a shared commitment to it at the heart of the process of developing and driving the collaboration.  This gives a strong foundation to realise mutual benefit but also an objective measure for partner selection and conflict resolution. As developed by YCF, it also includes mechanisms to minimise risk and maximise uptake, which enhances both the likelihood of success and the ability to demonstrate value to potential investors.

This module draws on elements of the four core Conversational Commerce skill modules – persuasion, money, writing and profile – in the context of building and working in a collaboration. It will provide participants with a process to develop a Concept Statement on which to build and evolve a collaboration, as well as equipping participants with techniques and strategies for to obtain maximum benefit from their work in any collaboration, regardless of its model.

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