The YCF Approach

At its core, the YCF Approach is to replicate the model of immersion language courses – where learning is focussed on communicating and conversing, not fluency and grammar – to commercial skills for innovators.

Do you speak French? What about Commerce?

Do you speak French? What about Commerce?

There has been an explosion in choice of post-graduate business courses in the last ten years as universities have sought to attract students to fee-paying courses. Masters degrees, Executive Education programs and Graduate Diploma and Certificate courses attract thousands of mature age students every year seeking to advance or distinguish themselves in an increasingly competitive and changeable global market.  Complementing them is an ever-increasing raft of programs offered by the vocational training sector, industry associations and professional training organizations, some claiming to address every aspect or the simply the most pressing aspect of succeeding in business today.

The problem with all of these programs is one of commitment. Enrolment in these courses represents a commitment of time, money and focus that many graduates and early career innovators are not prepared to make, having only recently obtained freedom from formal study to explore their own ideas and professional passions. Moreover, in the same way there is a big difference between a month-long holiday and emigrating, there’s a big difference between wanting to know a bit about commerce generally and embracing a life as an entrepreneur or business executive. 

The YCF Approach is different.

Everything it is and does is founded on three points of difference we call our Canons of Conversational Commerce:

Do you speak German? Or Commerce?

Do you speak German? What about Commerce?

  • practical: Conversational Commerce content is condensed, designed to be of immediate use in your day-to-day activities.
  • insight: Conversational Commerce provides familiarity and understanding to enhance and empower you in your future endeavours.
  • specialized: Conversational Commerce is specifically tailored to its audience – innovators – and their needs.

There are nine Conversational Commerce modules – four skills modules that focus primarily on acquiring each set of skills and knowledge, and five context modules which integrate the knowledge, skills and insights from all four sets needed to excel in a particular context or activity.

The full program of modules are offered to individuals and as corporate programs in the capital cities and major regional centres of mainland Australia.


Where Did “Conversational Commerce” come from?

YCF’s Principal has drawn on over 20 years experience in the world of commerce, most of it specializing in the innovation and creative industries, to develop a program of modules based on an immersion model of active learning in small groups.




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