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The challenge the Conversational Commerce looks to meet for its corporate clients is than an employee innovator’s lack of understanding of the commercial world may hamper their ability to produce world-class output that is of value and relevance to the end-user.

Corporate programs are generally offered at central, independent facilities, however it is possible for workshops to  be conducted on-site.

The Template Corporate Supply Agreement sets out the process as well as the terms on which corporate Conversational Commerce modules are offered. Class size is limited, as with Individual Participant classes, to 8-10 attendees, and the agreement provides a level of flexibility to employee nomination.  A 25%, non-refundable deposit is required to secure a booking and, ideally, two weeks notice is requested for any workshop.

While the booking and agreement is with the corporate employer, individual attendees will be asked to sign a Confidentiality Agreement prior to participating in a module. This is intended to protect both the interests of  both the Corporate Employer and YCF, and a template of the Participant Confidentiality Agreement is included in the Corporate Agreement for review. It will also be made available to nominated attendees once the booking is confirmed to enable them to consider its terms as well.

Full payment and a completed confidentiality agreement from each participant is required prior to them attending any Conversational Commerce module.

Modules run for a full 8-hour day – a 30 minute lunch break is included as are short, catered breaks in the morning and afternoon. While it is not in the agreement, participants will be asked to turn their phones to flight mode, if available, or off for the duration, and YCF will also ask Participants not to break their concentration by checking in with the office during the day.

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